About Cloud Bass Alpha

Portal to a multiverse of creativity

As a creative artist (primarily a musician) my interests and creativity have grown and grown over the years as technology has advanced and I find myself now expressing my creativity with music, film, the written word and even with all the toys and gadgets I use. I don't work well tied to a desk all day and I love to be able to work wherever, however and whenever I like. I am at my creative best when I am out and about interacting, getting inspiration from both my immediate environment and the people that inhabit it. I then use my toys and gadgets to turn this inspiration into something creative (including this website). This is where Cloud Bass Alpha comes in. Cloud Bass Alpha is the portal to my creative multiverse and brings together all the strands of music, imagery, film social media and marketing and even accounts and invoicing into one integrated whole greater than the sum of it's parts. 

Well what is it?

Cloud Bass Alpha represents the zenith of remote working. Cloud Bass Alpha coalesces many cloud services (mainly free) into a robust yet flexible business philosophy and practice making it easy to access all your business and creative projects wherever you are.

How does it work?

Cloud Bass Alpha works with you to analyse your business needs then suggests an appropriate customised package. Costs are important, so most of the cloud applications and services are free to use with only a few important exceptions. Cloud Bass Alpha integrates these components into your everyday working life and then gives you the training in how to use them effectively. 

What are the benefits

  • Minimal cost implications.
  • Fully cloud enabled, meaning all your business and creative projects are always at your finger tips.
  • Peace of mind knowing all your most valuable files are backed up. No need to worry about lost or stolen laptops or memory cards. 
  • Full training and support, making sure you know exactly how to do what you need, leaving you more time to concentrate on the important things...like being creative and running your business. 

Embrace the bass...

Interested in finding out more or is it time to embrace the bass yourselves? 

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Bass embraced

The Cloud Bass Alpha philosophy has already started spreading and those who currently embrace the bass include: 


Veterinary Prescriber

The leading global brand in independent veterinary medicines information. 

Exact Makeup Art

Makeup artistry based in Hampshire UK. 

Geoff Denyer Violins

Maker and restorer of, and dealer in, violins, violas, cellos and bows. Based in Winchester UK. 


Town of Cats

Town of Cats serve up Gyp-Hop Ska with lashings of Latino and a side of Funk.